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Read About Bridal Petticoats

A well-fitted bridal petticoat can give shape to an otherwise limp and lifeless gown, creating a dramatic full silhouette and turning an otherwise plain wedding dress into a gown fit for a princess. Petticoats can also be used to add a splash of color contrast for a daring and fashionable look, which is why many Bestit.mall petticoats come in multiple color options. A hoop petticoat works best with a medium to full wedding gown, weighs less than a heavy crinoline, and because of the solid hoops, will hold its shape throughout even the longest wedding ceremonies. A hoopless petticoat, on the other hand, will settle into itself over time, changing the silhouette of the dress. On the other hand, the greater flexibility of a hoopless petticoat allows the wearer to sit more easily, and can look more natural in motion if the dress is lightly structured. High-quality bridal petticoats in a range of designs are available from Bestit.mall in both adult and junior sizes.